List value returns values from another named range

  • I have a drop-down list in cell A38. Based on the value selected there, I need a formula to pull data into cell K39. It needs to be something like: =IF($A38="January_2017",AM39,0), but I keep getting #VALUE errors. AM39 is a sentence and I've tried quotation marks and several other options. I would technically prefer that the value from A38 pull a whole range (there is a named range for January_2017 as well as it being the value for the list), but I would settle for individual formulas pulling in the specific cells I need. Thanks!

  • Re: List value returns values from another named range

    I should probably specify that the issue seems to be when I'm nesting a bunch of dates. I need something like =(IF($A38="January_2017",AM39,0))+(IF($A38="February_2017,AN39,0)) and the error seems to occur with that + in there. I can return the proper value with the basic original formula from up above, but when I try to add the additional months, it gives the #VALUE error

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