Point of Sale with Bar Code ability $50.00

  • I have written a laymans Point of Sale with Barcoding ability.
    I need help with a few macros to make it better and need some maros written. I recorded macros and obviously there are better ways to enter the data.
    The place where I have the biggest difficulty is with the Barcode system and printing them on Avery Labels. I have made the Barcodes and the WASP reads them into the Sales sheet.
    Where I get lost is I have say 45 items to print on the Avery sheet. It is laid out in columns of 2. Looks like the BarCodes are going to be about 1/2" x 4"
    My data is all in one column. I need to move some into column "E" and "F" to make it fill up the sheet when it prints.

    The other issues are very minor and can quickly and easily be done by someone knowledgeable with macro's VBA.
    I would like to save to a disk drive and cloud system.
    Time frame is a week.

    The items highlighted in red are some of the minor issue about entering data. Example Sales tax.
    If the customer decides not to purchase an item, I change the item to zero and it deletes out that transaction.
    I can enter 9999 for discounts.

    Need it to copy daily transactions and post to All Sales so I can have a Pivot Table to show details of the day/month .

    I use the list function (Selection List) to insure accuracy in entering data

  • Re: Point of Sale with Bar Code ability $50.00

    I can look at it for you.

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