Conditional Formatting with Date/Time

  • I am no slouch at Conditional Formatting, but this one has me stuck. I am trying to create a sheet that tracks when my shipments are scheduled to arrive, actually arrive, and how soon we unload them.

    My cell column c is scheduled, d arrival, e unload. Each will contain a value in this format 2/15/17 6:30PM. What I need is if Scheduled Column C is 2/15/17 6:00PM and arrival is 2/15/17 and anytime after 6pm I need to highlight red.
    As well if the column with the unload time is greater than 2 hours after the arrival time I need it to be orange. I am pretty sure if I could figure out how to do one I could make the other work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been on google for about 3 hours..

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