Applying Conditional Format to PivotTable Returning Error 1004: Order of Conditions

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm running into a strange quirk. I am reading the conditional format of a cell and then applying it to my PivotTable. Here is the code:

    The line

    .ScopeType = xlDataFieldScope 'XXXXX Apply conditional formatting to PivotTable XXXXXXX

    is where I sometimes run into an error. Thus far, it seems like when there are two conditions, it works. When there are three conditions, it only works if the conditions are in a certain order. Any ideas on why this might be happening or how I can get around it?


  • Re: Applying Conditional Format to PivotTable Returning Error 1004: Order of Conditio

    Although I am still not sure why this is happening, I've changed the code so that I can avoid the issue entirely. Hopefully if anyone ever comes across a similar issue, they can use this to help.

    Instead of pasting the formats to one cell and then applying to the entire DataField using ScopeType, I instead pasted the format to all cells in the DataField. Since I am calling this macro each time the PivotTable changes, it will have the same impact.

    With PvtFld.DataRange[INDENT]intR = Application.Match(Trim(PvtFld.Caption), Worksheets("Number Format").Columns(1), 0)           'Get row number of fact on Number Format worksheet[/INDENT]
              If Worksheets("Number Format").Range("C" & intR).FormatConditions.Count > 0 Then                    'If fact has conditional formatting on Number Format worksheet
                  Worksheets("Number Format").Range("C" & intR).Copy                                              'Copy cell format needed for fact
                  PvtFld.DataRange.PasteSpecial xlPasteFormats                                                    'Paste format into PivotTable
             End If
    End With

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