Show column heading and corresponding value based on dropdown selection

  • Hi,

    Been trying to figure this out for days. This is just a copy of the real file. The first 3 columns (area, category and sub-category) are chosen by the user via a combobox on userform - this part works perfectly, it is dynamic and selects the category and subcategory based on area if they exist.

    The part I am stuck with is that based on those 3 selections (or 2 if looking at Area: IT Systems and Qualifications), I would like for a persons name to be displayed (preferably in a listbox as part of a userform)along with their level of competency i.e confident or very confident. So for example if IT Systems is selected from Area and Curtis Fitch from category, I want code that will look across that row and show the name of the person who has that skill and their level of skill in just that area.

    The file I have attached does something similar but for the purpose of the example instead of having a combobox selection I've made it an inputbox (I'll adapt this to suit my real version), so it searches the whole column based on the persons name typed in so basically it works in the opposite order and I'm having a hard time adapting it to the way I require.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. The code is posted on module 1 of the file attached!

    Also posted here:…ction&p=357829#post357829


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