Match Data on Another Worksheet and Copy/Paste Range

  • I know the basics of this can be done using INDEX MATCH or VLOOKUP, but I need the formatting of the cell (specifically the cell fill color) to match up with it. I have tried looking over many other posts in the forums, so I know this will require a VBA macro, but I am not even sure how to approach this or where to begin.

    I have worksheets Sheet1 and Import. There are IDs on Sheet1 in Col C and there are IDs on Import in Col A. I need the data (including the cell formatting) in Cols H:O copied from Import and pasted onto Sheet1 Cols H:O if the IDs match.

    Example Result: Cells Import!H8:O8 would be copied and pasted into cells Sheet1!H5:O5 because the IDs match between the 2 sheets.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Re: Match Data on Another Worksheet and Copy/Paste Range

    After some further digging around and tinkering with various solutions, I found a macro that I was able to minimally change to do what I need. Here is the solution I came up with in case someone else needs the answer. (Credit for macro:…pypast-the-row/19831.html)

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