2 column list box to reflect 2 column range

  • I have a range, a1:b15. Column a has a 15 named skills which will remain constant, column b has an x to signify if the skill has been learnt which I want to be able to change using a userofrm, x to signify the skill is learnt, blank if the skill hasn't been learnt.

    i have a userform with list box that shows the same data from this range in 2 columns.

    I want to be able to update the data in column b by either selecting or unselcting the relevant skill (x) in column b using the listbox. I'd like to be able to update multiple rows at a time, to either add an x or remove an x as required.

    Whats the best way to achieve this?

  • Re: 2 column list box to reflect 2 column range

    Try this:-
    I think you need to fill the List box as shown below, NOT with rowsource
    It does not seem possible to have Multselect set to Multi, but you can select a number individual rows that will be updated as you go.

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