Move cell content to another worksheet using checkbox

  • Hi, I am really new to Excel coding and do not know where to start with this so was praying someone could help me?! :)

    On Worksheet 1 (RISK CHECKLIST) I have a list of Risks, and a checkbox against each risk in Column B. If the checkbox in Column B is ticked, I want to move the corresponding number in Column A to Worksheet 2 (RISK ASSESSMENT) Column A

    For example:-

    Worksheet 1
    B8 and B10 checkbox ticked
    Copies cell data from A8 and A10

    Worksheet 2
    Pastes data into cell A8 and A9

    I have attached the spreadsheet to help explain things further (please note I still need to add checkboxes on RISK CHECKLIST from B12 onwards)

    Please help me - I have been trying to do this for three days now and am losing the will to live!!

    Thanks everyone

  • Re: Move cell content to another worksheet using checkbox

    Hi Donna ,
    First remove a merged cells for the workbook and the checkboxes
    the in RISK ASSESSMENT workbook us the activate sheet to populate the columns

    and in the RISK CHECKLIST workbook use the change event to toggle the tick

    and remember never use merged cells and remove them!!

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