Overlap dates to highlight

  • [INDENT]I have a Four Employees. Each employee they want to prepare a leave plan for year 2017. If employees, they want to apply leave Rule is there should not be any overlap date with other employee’s dates.

    Now I wish to compare the employees overlap dates by selecting the checkbox. In case any overlapping dates between the employees then I need to highlight the overlap, Column has red color in cells and also, I need the pop up message for overlap dates.


    If no any overlap, then pop up messages says like “there is no overlap between selecting employees”.

    Finally I need the results to find the overlap dates to highlight so , forums experts if u have any suggestion or idea to solve this problem It will most great help for me. In case u need any more information on this problem to solve. Please let me know
    Many sites and Google I searched I could find the correct solution for this but if solved many of them looking similar to find easy method for leave plan for overlap dates.

    Pls refer the updated attachment to find for solution.[/INDENT]

    [Blocked Image: http://www.vbaexpress.com/forum/images/misc/paperclip.png] Attached Files

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    Try this for Range B4 to E12 and CheckBoxes in Range AS8 & to AT11. Change ranges in code as appropriate to new data.

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    Hi MickG,

    what a man you are Mick , thanks a lot very much its working perfect for this i trying lot of more than a months i spinning my head to find out the solution.

    u really made my day mickG.:drum:

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    sathishsusa, be sure you go to all cross posting of this question and give credit for the solution.

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    Dear Nosparks,

    its very long ago i posted for different solution but other new thing which i posted its some to same project only. if any mistake and wrong on me i am sorry sparks.

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