Formula for adding previous sheets

  • Hello.

    I am creating a template for my paystubs where my clerks can copy and paste the template into the next paystub.


    What I would like to do is create a running total for the YTD sections (Year to date) which would be the sum of all the previous sheets INCLUDING the current one.

    the code =Sum('*'!A16) works well except it did not include the current worksheet.

    There was also the code =SUM('2017 January 5:[DATE]'!A16,'2017_End'!A16) but I want to replace [DATE] with the current worksheet.

    Basically what I'm asking is how to use:

    =Sum('*'!A16) and include the current worksheet


    find the coding that represents CurrentSheet or something along those lines so that =SUM('2017 January 5:[DATE]'!A16,'2017_End'!A16) the bold portion can be replaced with CURRENTSHEET or whatever the coding may be for such a request.

    Thank you for any and all help!

  • Re: Formula for adding previous sheets


    Within your workbook do you have an Index which is listing all your worksheets ?

    The formula to get the tab name in a cell is

    =MID(CELL("filename",A1), FIND("]", CELL("filename", A1))+ 1,36)

    Hope this will help

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  • Re: Formula for adding previous sheets

    generally, an image is not very useful when you need help with an Excel Workbook. Please attach an example workbook.

    You may be able to use this example

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