IF AND OR statement

  • Hi,

    I have a small table that looks as followed;


    I am trying to have the invest or do not invest auto populate, the factors are; B > 5% and C > 8% or D > 5

    I am using the following formula;

    =IF(AND(OR(B7>=5%,C7>=8%),OR(D7>=5)),"Invest","Do not invest")

    It works for some of the rows but not all of them?

    For example rows 7 and 9 should be "invest" as they meet the above criteria..

  • Re: IF AND OR statement

    Hi 3ball,

    Put this formula into cell E4...

    =IF(AND(B4>=5%,C4>=8%,D4>=5),"Invest","Do not invest")

    ...and fill down to cell E9. Note none of the six portfolios meet all three criteria you have listed for an "invest" option to be returned.



  • Re: IF AND OR statement


    Sorry if I didn't make it clear, however, I need to use the AND OR statement because either B > 5% AND C > 8% OR D > 5.

  • Re: IF AND OR statement

    =IF(OR(AND(D9>=5),AND(B9>=5%,C9>=8%)),"Invest","Do not invest")

    Think I got it.. I suppose the AND needs to be nested in the OR not vica versa?

  • Re: IF AND OR statement

    So just to get the logic - if Col. E is greater then 5 than "invest", else if both percentages in Col. B and Col. C are equal to or greater than 5% and 8% respectfully then "invest" else "Do not invest"?

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