Weighted Average with Criteria Using VBA

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to calculate the weighted average with some criteria (period, store and product) of the Data file and for each average of each product of each store in a certain period, I wanted to paste it into another Workbook (Report) in the worksheets of the respective products.

    The problem is that the code I am writing, is not calculating based on these criteria (returns 0.00), if someone can tell me where I am wrong (I am a beginner in VBA), I am grateful.

    I already used PivotTables and today I do this calculation through formulas (sumproduct), both take a long time to calculate, because the data file is very large (from 400,000 to 600,000 lines), the computer screen arrives To be dimmed.

    For example:
    The weighted average for product "101" of store "A" in Jan / 17 is:

    (each quantity * each unit price) / quantity sum

    ((13 * 6) + (12 * 5)) / (13 + 12) which will be equal to 5.52

    I'm trying to do for each product per store per month / year.

    And do for each product with all the stores together per month / year.

    My intention is to automate in VBA because the time gain would be better. And since I'm starting in VBA, it would be a learning experience for me.

    Sorry for my english, I'm using google translator.

    Follow the files for better understanding.


    Thank you for your attention.

  • Re: Weighted Average with Criteria Using VBA

    How about this. The code sits in the Data file and you will need to have your Report file open also

  • Re: Weighted Average with Criteria Using VBA

    Hi Bryce,

    Very perfect.

    I just have to thank you, for me, that I am a beginner in VBA was an great learning.

    I took the liberty of adjusting the lines: ws.Cells (x, y) = 0 for ws.Cells (x, y) = "-" and ws.Cells (x, 7) = 0 for ws.Cells (x, 7) = "-".

    Sorry for my english, I use google translator.

    Thank you one more time!

  • Re: Weighted Average with Criteria Using VBA

    Hi Bryce,

    Thanks again.

    I'll mark the thread as solved.

    Health and peace for you.

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