About validating the data format in the fields

  • Dear all,
    In 'Format cells' utility, I've already set the data format to be 'dd/mm/yy'. But I still was able to enter '32' as the date.

    By the way, for another field, I have set its format to be 'HH:MI' but I noticed that actually its value appeared to be '01/01/1900 01:30:00'. How could I eliminate the first half default date value?

    Bst Rgds,

  • Formating a cell doesn't enforce the type of data that may be entered. For that you need data validation under the Data menu in Excel. You can require that only dates are allowed to me entered. For the time problem, try selecting one of the time formats again (I wasn't able to reproduce your problem with the display of time when I had applied a time format).

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