Application Match in Sheet Code

  • Hey all,

    Quick question, if you used application.match, does this not work in the sheet code? Ive wasted some time tracking down an issue and though I just moved it to module level, I just wondered why it doesn't work (the formula always returns 0 if in the sheet code).

    Just wondering if anyone can further my knowledge as to why this happens (I turned off events/calc/screenupdating).

  • Re: Application Match in Sheet Code

    Hello Pike,

    Yes named ranges are used in this workbook, but just seemed a bit of an oddity. That link says "As a general rule, you don’t get access to worksheet functions that have a VBA equivalent. For instance, you can’t get to the NOW() function because VBA has its own Now function." That's interesting to know as maybe the reason why the code couldn't find the data...

    Ok thanks for explaining it to me. Still seems abit off that it has the limitation, but every day is a learning day!


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