Microsoft Edge and this forum

  • Can anyone let me know if there are issues with this forum and the Microsoft Edge browser?

    When starting a new thread, it lets me key the post title in ok but then its trial and error to try and get into the subject bit to type anything else.

    Tabbing through the fields doesn't seem to work, I normally have to click in and out of things and it seems to work ok after 15 seconds or so.

  • Re: Microsoft Edge and this forum

    I don't generally use Edge, preferring Firefox for personal use, but having just tested it, I can confirm the defect you have reported. I note that it is also a problem when replying to threads, as I am right now.

    I have found a workaround though, if for some lamentable reason you're wedded to the edge (see what I did there? Biased? Moi?) just make sure you have some text on your clipboard, then click on the main edit box (there will be no visual effect), then paste. After that you can delete what you pasted if you like and edit as you should be able to.

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