Linking entered dates to column location

  • I have a spreadsheet with the following format. I was given this spreadsheet to use so I'm not sure what use these formulas for dates have in opposition to normal text.
    Along the first 4 rows of each column:
    K2: 2017 [=TEXT(K$5,"yyyy")]
    K3: April[=TEXT(K$5,"mmmm")]
    K4: Wed [=TEXT(K$5,"ddd")]
    K5: 05 [=J5+1]
    In another sheet, I want to do:
    At the start of every week I have to change the columns to the dates of that week
    The first half is Sheet1 and goes over the whole year, the second half you can see in the formula bar I have to update those formulas weekly, manually looking at which column in sheet1 lines up with the dates I need. I made a small orange box However I don't know anyway to actually link it so that I can just change the date or column in that box and it will change all the formulas.


  • Re: Linking entered dates to column location

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