Button click to change the text content of freeform shapes

  • I have a map of an estate with plots which i drew with shape freeform tool. Each of the plots (freeform shapes) is assigned a plot number. I have a table where there are plot owners mapped to each plot on a tab. I have another table on another tab with each plot number mapped to its corresponding freeform shape name. I created two (2) buttons named "Name" and "Plot". I want the buttons to work such that when i click on "Name", only the names of the plot owners appear on their corresponding freeform shape and when i click on "Plot", only the plot numbers appear on the free form. I have attached in this post a mock-up animation of my intention as a GIF file. Can someone help out please.

    I have attached a sample of the excel file. the main excel file contains a large number of plot and name entries which i don't want to bog anyone down with. I believe i will be able to reverse-engineer solution i get from this forum and apply to my larger file.

    Thanks in advance.

    Excel file here:

    Mock-up animation here:

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