Dropdown to populate up to 10 cells at once

  • I've been researching this all day at work and haven't had much success finding the answer. I have a price analysis sheet to compare my vendors pricing that i'm trying to make a little more efficient by not having to manually enter duplicate material for similar BOMs. That being said today I want to see if I could generate a drop down like to populate up to 10 SKUs per BOM build of materials.


    I have in my drop down Column A: Row 1 Sink-1, Lavatory-1, Water closet-1 etc etc. Once I would select one of these it would populate all the components in Column B, Row 1 through 10 ( different fixtures contain +/- components )

    On another note I have a pretty savvy buddy with excel and he was pretty stumped so any advise on how to set this up would be very much apprecaited.

  • Re: Dropdown to populate up to 10 cells at once

    It is not easy to follow exactly what your sheet looks like at what you are trying to achieve. Can you attach a small sample of your workbook clearly showing, or explaining, what the drop down list is and what you want to happen when a selection in the list is made.

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