Only Show Dates between a defined start date and End Date

  • Hi there,
    I have already posted this question in another forum also but to no avail but i am hoping to broaden the scope and if someone can help it would be great.
    I have a problem where i have the 4 columns consisting of an Estimated Start Date (C19) and End date(D19) and Actual Start Date(F19) and End date(G19) for different project functions.

    I am sorted for the the start of point here i have in Cell J16 =DAY(F19+1) which i have dragged all the way over the corresponding columns which only shows Monday to Friday to my estimated end date

    What I am looking for is a solution be it VBA code/Macro/a conditional formatting if this is even an option/If Statement etc.. where my Gannt Chart only shows the columns to the Actual End Date and if not the Estimated End Date??

    At the moment it ends where i ended dragging the formula across the cells.

    Any Ideas and help greatly appreciated ??

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