Datevalue Problems

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    I am wondering if anyone can help. I am trying to take a date input on a userform and place it into cells on a worksheet to then use that date trigger input into a data chart.
    To my cost I found that the excel work sheet did not recognise the data as a ‘date’ but as text and so would not input the data into the chart.
    On reading various sources on the web I found the ‘datevalue’ formula and so set it up in the spreadsheet to input the raw text data into one row of cells and then use the above in another row to reference the first cells to change it into the date code. Fantastic sorted until today, the system was working a treat yesterday but for some reason today it’s stopped working. Anyone, any ideas????

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  • Re: Datevalue Problems

    If you could attach an example I'm sure we could figure it out for you. Also, you could try to avoid using DateValue by ensuring the value you write to the cell is a valid date that Excel understands. for example, something like:

    range("A1").value = cdate(textbox1.text)

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