SUMPRODUCT over dynamic range - No VBA

  • Hi,
    been a long time since ive needed to ask a question!

    i have a difficult datasource where data comes in as text
    and i cant use text to columns

    i need to count the numbers of cells in column K where 1st character is 0 to 9 or the string is 'Yes'

    added to the complication i need to do this over a variable range of Col K dependent on a repeating ID of variable length in column I

    i can do this for the 'yes' with this

    and i can do this for 0 to 9 part but i cant get it to work for anyting but an explicit range!
    worst part is i bet im missing something simple!


    (yes i know i can be more specific with 'code'

  • Re: SUMPRODUCT over dynamic range - No VBA

    Please attach a sample workbook. Thanks!

    Ali :)

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