Sum from two Tables based on From-To Date criteria

  • I have two spreadsheets that are in two tables. In each tab is same table format. And here is the problem. In each table has date and data column. And I just try to create a formula that sums values between two dates where the first date is the oldest date that I dont want to enter (so it must to be in formula) and date that I input manually. So only one criteria (TO date) need to enter, but I am confused how to calculate from two tables if sumif sumproduct and sum doesnt work as I expected. Is this possible in general to resolve? I have attached a sample.

  • Re: Sum from two Tables based on From-To Date criteria


    [COLOR="#0000FF"]=SUMIF(SData1718[Date],"<=" & E2,SData1718[Visitors])+SUMIF(SData1617[Date],"<="&E2,SData1617[Visitors])[/COLOR]

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