New Column that removes blanks of previous column (FORMULA ONLY)

  • s this possible using formulas?
    A1 has Apple in it. A5 has banana in it. A 9 Has carrot. There are spaces between A 2- A4, A6-A8. I want new column (Starting at B1) to fill those blanks with val above. I have tried using offset and row numbers but can’t get it working so far.
    Excel link below…evious%20Column.xlsx?dl=0
    Image link below:
    Column A or 1 represents what my data looks like in image/excel
    Column B represents what I want it to do in image/excel

  • Re: New Column that removes blanks of previous column (FORMULA ONLY)

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    Firstly, as you've specifically requested a formula solution, I've moved your thread from the VBA section to the formula section of the forum. Secondly, as there is a perfectly good system for providing attachments, please attach your sample files directly here so that members do not need to access other sites to get them.


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