how do I get excel to link social security numbers to a per

  • I need to have a persons name appear in a cell row under a column label Name when I type in a person's social security number. Plus, at the same time, I need to have excel place the time in a cell and date in a cell when I type a person's social security number

  • Have a look at the VLOOKUP function. It looks up a table and extracts data.

    CTRL + ; will put the current date ina cell its easier than coding



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  • For your date and time you can enter this next to your column where you enter the SSN. =IF(ISBLANK(F1),"",NOW()) adjust cell reference as needed, you will also need to format your column in the following format "m/d/yyyy h:mm". what this will do is if the cell "F1" where you enter the either the SSN or VLOOKUP function is blank it will remain blank as well. Once data has been entered it will place the current date and time.

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