downloading from a list of URLs.

  • Hi

    I am after a file downloader to do a specific task using excel.

    In short, we have Sharepoint. We can file our documents away to a Record Management Service, which is all fine. But trying to retrieve multiple files back once filed is an exercise in frustration, since every document has to be clicked in Sharepoint for it to then download from the RMS.

    So if there is a library of 100 documents (all of which are filed to the RMS) and we need copies of these files for a USB stick or to put in another library, we have to download all 100 of them one at a time by clicking, waiting, saving and repeating.

    The url for this function when we click is:[Extension=docx]/2403589&

    In actuality, this is what happens when downloading directly from the RMS site

    You can see that the file id is key here. Both above URLS work on our system fine and both get the document in IE to display a open or save dialogue.

    I can produce a spreadsheet with all these details In, I think. So there would be a list like

    How can I get excel to take this list and download the files? If this even is possible?

    I think an issue might be the fact that the URLs are not direct. They go through another process (forget the technical term). So it goes through an .aspx and then a ID to get the file. Unsure if excel vba can assist me here but I am hoping so.

    So excel will try to get the document at each URL and save it to a pre-defined location.
    I am unsure if there is a connection limit, so even limiting excel to downloading one at a time is still fine, since it saves the hassle of having to click each one.

    This possible?

  • Re: downloading from a list of URLs.

    This is partial included code from the project :

  • Re: downloading from a list of URLs.

    Thanks for that. That actually works almost perfectly, however:

    When downloading the file, it appears in the location but it doesn't have the original name.
    For example the file:
    Actually should download "ExampleDocument.PDF"

    Instead it downloads a document called:


    Changing this documents extension to PDF (or DOC or whatever the original was) works fine. But it needs to download the final file name.

    If this isn't possible, I can produce a list of the original file names in a sheet. Maybe the download can use that to name them?
    Also, thinking along the same lines, is there a way I can specify where to download based on a column?

    In our sharepoint, 5000 files are organised by category. I can make a column of this category. So the end result would be:

    It downloads a file, based on the category in a column in placed the file in a specific place and depending on the filename column, renames the downloaded file.

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