DataBodyRange Combine 2 Columns

  • Hi There

    I am trying to combine the value of 2 Columns in a Table called "Temp".

    Specifically the Table is 12 Columns Wide, and in Column 11 ("Desc"), I want to CONCATENATE the value of Column 12 ("Chq No") and the value of Column 7 ("Desc")

    The code I have currently is:

    Set RNG = .ListObjects("Temp").ListColumns("Desc").DataBodyRange
            For Each cell In RNG.Cells
                cell.Value = "Chq No " & .ListColumns("Chq Nq").DataBodyRange.Value & .ListColumns("Desc").DataBodyRange.Value
            Next cell

    However I get an error saying "Object doesn't support property or method"

    Please can someone give me the correct code

  • Re: DataBodyRange Combine 2 Columns

    I have half solved my query.

    By using:

    Dim RNG As Range
        Set RNG = .ListObjects("Temp").ListColumns("Desc").DataBodyRange
        For Each cell In RNG '.Cells
            cell.Value = .ListObjects("Temp").ListColumns("Chq No").DataBodyRange.Value
        Next cell

    I am now able to get the 1st value, but this is entered in ALL cells within the preferred databodyrange.

    I need different results.

    Secondly, as soon as I add

    & .ListObjects("Temp").ListColumns("Description").DataBodyRange.Value

    I get an error

  • Re: DataBodyRange Combine 2 Columns

    I think something like this will work

    but I'd just use a formula in the first data row and double click the drag handle
    =[@[Chq No]]&[@Desc]

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