Form Control ListBox Font turning White

  • So, because of the bugs with ActiveX controls, i.e. the resolution change causing zoom issues and font resizes, I am switching to a Form Control List Box. I have it working fine, but whenever I add an item to the ListBox, which requires me to change the listrange via VB, it is turning the font white. I have to go back reselect items to refresh the Listbox for it to go back to black font. It is very odd and I am not touching anything with font within so obviously another bug. I can select the items in the List box and they are correct, you just can't see the what the text is to select the correct item in the list.

    Now I tried to switch to a dynamic Named range, but my issue is, if I remove the top item in the listbox, it corrupts the named range because it gives a #ref error because the first line was removed. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Re: Form Control ListBox Font turning White

    Never mind, I figured out a way to make the reference cell dynamic in the named range. For other people who may come across this issue, here is the Named Range formula (Note that I have a header that will not get deleted, but obviously did not want in the list box): =OFFSET(OFFSET(Build!$AI$1,1,0),0,0,501-COUNTBLANK(Build!$AH$2:$AH$500)-2). This way if I delete the top item it doesn't change my range. Thanks!

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