Assigning Values in Array, VBA

  • First time posting so I will apologize up front for not following conventions or doing something incorrectly.

    The below code is to look at a table exported from another program and load the information that it needs into an array for reformatting/use later.

    But when I try to execute I get the subscript out of range error the first time I try to load in a value (ReportInfo(y, 1) = Cells(x, 10) ' Activity). I don't understand why as I've done this in other macros and it has worked. Am I just missing something?

    I'd like to understand why it is happening so I don't need to ask again, as well as help with the code. But please keep something in mind - I'm not a programmer (as I am entirely self taught); I've seen some pretty cool programming that does things more efficiently than I ever could, but I don't have the experience/knowledge base to follow. And I'm getting old. So if you could tell me what is wrong with MY code I would appreciate it.

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    It's much easier to troubleshoot with an actual file that you are having issues with.

    You can enter a small amount of dummy data if the actual data is sensitive.


    Bruce :cool:

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    Isn't the array zero based.

        y = 0
        For x = 6 To TotalRows + 6
            ReportInfo(y, 0) = Cells(x, 10) ' Activity
            ReportInfo(y, 1) = Cells(x, 2) ' Name
            ReportInfo(y, 2) = Cells(x, 6) ' Hours
            y = y + 1
        Next x
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    It fails on the last iteration, not the first, because ReportInfo is zero-based. All you need do is remove the line y=1.

    Edit - NoSparks got there first.

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    It works, and thank you.

    But I hate zero based - it makes things like figuring out row and column numbers difficult. Why can't the y=1 remain and the ReportInfo(0,0) just be empty?

    So, in other words, I redimed the array to TotalRows, but that number includes the 0 row. But I'm not using that, I'm starting at row 1 and going TotalRows more, which is out of it's range, thus the error. So what I really need to do is redim to TotalRows+1 then the y+1 could stay. Correct?

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    Ok, now I know. I will use the Option Base 1. That makes sense to me.

    Thank you everybody for you time, patience, and help.

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