popupcalender: save old date before choose a new date

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    Created a popup calender for rows 14:77, column 5. The date is needed as "enddate" in a weekplan, implemented as columns (K10:JL10) as fields with different colors, if filled up with numbers (hours, counting). I would mark the enddate (year,weeknumber) with borders.colorindex3.xlmedium. The procedure runs in the #Kalender_DateClick(ByVal DateClicked As Date# and also some code in #Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range#. If date cell is empty, the procedure runs if needed, but if the date cell has a date and the user change / choose a new date, then it marks a second field (year/weeknumber), searched by a for each-procedure and i would delete the "old marked field" before... but always i can't cancel the range and then it marks the whole weekfields (columns) red. How can I check the date before changing it, write it into a variable and run a procedure to clear borders and then it runs the procedure for the new date.



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    The calendar you're using is not usually supported in other user's versions of Excel. I would recommend using a different one. Not quite sure what you're trying to do... Most of the time pictures aren't very helpful and you're explanation is difficult to understand.

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