Unique Items and Sorted

  • I have 2 list (Names & Animals) and it extracts unique items and then sorts them alphabetically in the adjacent columns. I also have in column "A" data validation for the 2 list Cell ("A13") represents "Names" and Cell ("A16") represents "Animal"

    When I enter data in Cell ("A13" or " A16") Data Validation checks if the data does not exist it will prompt if I want to ADD it to my respective list.

    The problem I have is if the Data Validation is in Cell "D3" and "H3" instead of "A13" and "A16"; for the "Names" and "Animal" respectively, it does not work.

    Attached is the worksheet

    Hope some one can help

  • Re: Unique Items and Sorted

    You are welcome ...:wink:

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