VBA code to select cells with value greater than zero from a range

  • Range1 I6:I356, Range2 K6:K356
    VBA Code that will select cells in Range2 with values
    greater than zero, copy and paste in Range1.
    Skipping zeroes and blanks.
    Eg. I 6, I9, & I 11 should be paste in K6, K9 & K11 respectively
    Without affecting the content of cells: I7, I8, I10, I12 etc.

  • Re: VBA code to select cells with value greater than zero from a range

    Welcome to the forum!

    There are two concepts used here. (1) Make range of cells matching condition. (2) Copy and paste a copied range that may or may not be contiguous.

    Change the source and target range Set in Main to suit.

    Always test code in a backup copy. Place code in a Module.

  • Kenneth,

    I am interested in using this VBA code, however, if I am copying data from a cell which contains a formula, it is pasting the formula rather than the value. Is it possible to only paste the value?

  • What I am trying to do is create a macro which examines data from range BF11:BF26, and if contains a 0 it skips the data or if it contains anything other than a 0, it copies/pastes the data in C11:C26.

    I want the rows to be held transposing, ie, if BF11 contains a 3 then C11 will have a 3. On the flip side, if BF12 contains a 0, C12 will not be changed from what is already contained.

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