IFERROR, ROUND and SUM together

  • Hi Folks

    =ROUND(SUM(D7+N7)/U7,2) works perfectly well until it reaches a row where no data has been entered yet when I get a #DIV/0! error of course.

    I'm trying to add in the IFERROR function without success: =IFERROR(ROUND(SUM(D7+N7)/U7,2))) as I keep getting a too few arguments error.

    Can anyone please advise where I'm going wrong please??

    Kind regards


  • Re: IFERROR, ROUND and SUM together

    The argument that is missing is what should be displayed if there is a error,



    if you want the cell to be blank, or


    for the cell to show zero.

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  • Re: IFERROR, ROUND and SUM together

    Hi KjBox

    Thank you that, most useful and appreciated.

    I've been "playing as well and came up with: =IF(D7+N7=0,"",ROUND((D7+N7)/U7,2)) which seems to do the job as well, what do you think?

    Kind regards


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