MailMerge from VBA Excel to Word

  • Hi All,
    I need help with the following code. I have two documents - one excel document which has the source data (Sheet = FirmOffers) for a mail merge i want to automate in Word. I have my merge fields set up in the attached word docx (Test.docx). I have also the excel file attached (LettersAutomation.xlsm) which has the code. I want to save each mail merge record in word - 1st as a word doc and then as a PDF doc. A document called 'Form Letters1' is created and this is the document i want to save as it has the 1st merged records displayed. However, the save does work the 1st time round but it saves the word document that is not merged (Test.docx). The error message then appears saying that Test.docx is locked for editing.

  • Re: MailMerge from VBA Excel to Word

    Does this help?

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