Change Default PPT Addin Keystroke Accelerator

  • Hi,

    I've created a PowerPoint addin that allows me to manipulate shapes using a new toolbar with buttons connected to various macros. When I install the addin, PowerPoint automatically assigns keystroke accelerators to the buttons I created on the new addin toolbar...[Alt, X, Y1]....[Alt, X, Y2]...etc. Is it possible to change these default accelerators to for example...[Alt, X, R, R]... using VBA such that when I update the addin code and re-install the addin on multiple computers, the accelerators will be whatever I define them as? The code I am using for my new toolbar (copied from a forum and tweaked for my purpose) is below and I am working in PowerPoint 2016. Just in case it isn't immediately obvious, I'm a complete noob so feel free to suggest improvements to the below if necessary.


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