Insert row and copy function/format from specific row

  • HI,

    Trying to create a macro that will give the user a box asking for how many rows he/she wants to insert, and once the rows are inserted the should have(copied) the functions/format from a specific row, in my case row 2.

    The box asking for rows is done, works like a charm, I have start and end cells so the user can only insert rows within a specific range, and all this works. But the rows inserted have the same format as the row above, and doesn't copy the functions.

    So what I want is that once you insert your rows they should always have the same function, formulas, format, conditional formatting as row2 (A2:J2 to be specific).

    My code for inserting row:

    I guess I need som copy/paste row2 after the "Selection.EntireRow.Insert" statement, but can't get it to work. All help very appreciated.

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