Format sheet - copy ,delete from one sheet to another sheet

  • Hi Experts

    Need your help on attached sample sheet.

    1. In RAW sheet data based on col a 12121 & 12122 copy .
    In RAW sheet Col A contains 12121 need to copy and move to 12121 and same way to 12122
    2. After copy 12121,col D & E concatenate in col. F
    3.In sheet 12121 col I and J date format should be dd/mm/yy
    4.In sheet 12121 col k contains "error" need to delete.
    5. compare (vlookup) with sheet 12121 col F with sample sheet2 col G paste in 12121 col g

    If you provide the vba code ..its a great help...
    any clarification please reply

    Thanks in Advance

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