New Window Name Has Changed

  • Up until the last month or so, when I clicked the VIEW tab, then NEW WINDOW, the new window name was the workbook name with a :2 concatenated. The original window had a :1. In VBA, I could use the "Windows("workbookname:number").activate to switch between windows.

    Sometime recently, this changed. Now, when clicking NEW WINDOW, the new window workbook name shown is "workbook - 2" & the original window is "workbook - 1". Using these names in VBA generates an error. I've tried all variations I can think of without success.

    I tried the Macro Generator and surprisingly it gens a Windows("workbookname").activate. It the same statement no matter what window I'm activating. Obviously, it doesn't work.

    Did Excel change something? Did I change something? Is there an alternative way of doing this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Running win10 with latest update of Excel 64.

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