Formatting a Pivot Table

  • Hi all
    At work I am using excel 2016 and at home – 2013.
    In Excel 2010 when I apply a “light” design to a pivot table – the result is like the left table in my sample file. When I apply the "light" design - I get a design where the lines are much much lighter and very difficult to see.
    A “regular” pivot design can be duplicated and modified, but it seems that the “light” design cannot be duplicated and as a result – I cannot re-create it at work (with darker lines).
    Any ideas how to re-create (duplicate) the specific design of the “light” formatting (as shown in my sample file)?
    Is there a manual somewhere, explaining which table element should be formatted in which way?
    I have tried creating the “light” design but I simply can’t get it right (I keep getting some borders where I don’t want borders).
    Thanks in advance

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