Extraction of row contents to another sheet

  • Hello , I want to extract the contents(Results) of each student in the sheet1 of the attached file to the prepared template in the sheet2 of the attached file. At the point of entering the matric no in cell C9 in sheet 2 and pressing the matric no button in the cell B9 in the sheet2 the contents will be transfered to the spaces provided for the score, grade and points and also the TCP and GPA will be auto filled.

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    Quote from nyatiaju;800643

    Try attached file:

    I got your response and it worked. What if the name of each student in cloumn 3 of sheet should be extracted to the column C8. Also the TCP,TCU and GPA contents for the PREVIOUS semester. Also, the TCP, TCU, and GPA for the present semester. And the contents of cummulative TCP, TCU and GPA should be extracted to the provided space in the new attached file in sheet 2. ALso, the courses the student failed and needed to be rewritten should be extracted into space provided in row 25 of sheet 2. Instead of manually peparing the template for the extraction, the code should populate the registered courses and results automatically instead of the template I created for the title (S/N, Course Code, Course Title, Score, Grade, TCP). Your effort is appreciated.

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    Check updated file:

    Your time and effort is acknowledge. I tried the updated code but the dsiplay for the results ommited first 2 rows before it displayed. Also, how can the code populate the results automatically by displaying the course code, course title, score, grade, and point for each student itself without instead of just extracting the value to the designed rows and cloumns. The reason being that some students wrote more courses than others. Instead of manually treaming/deleting the irrelavant courses, the only written courses will be the one to show. I appreciate you.

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