On Opening an existing WorkBook a BLANK WorkBook also opens (Personal.xlsb)

  • After just upgrading to Excel 2010 I converted a Personal.XLS workbook to an XLSB using Save As in the directory specified in the Application.StartupPath

    The VBA macros in the XLSB are available in all my workbooks - But Excel is displaying a blank workbook along with the workbook I open. When I close my workbook, the blank one is still there and must be closed. Somehow it is tied to my Personal.XLSB.

    Any Idea what is going on ??

    The solution - In older versions of Excel (2003 and below) you could save a workbook with all worksheets hidden. In 2010 you have to get at Personal via another workbook in order to able to save Personal with all worksheets hidden....

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