Time log Visualize in Simplified Chart

  • - My Goal is to visualize when a person has been present on site

    I have a master table with headers; [A1]Date, [B1]Hours, [C1]Total_Date, [D1]Who, [E1]In/Out
    Here I enter each and every event in chronological order. This table is 500 rows long and filled with data at the moment.

    I want to visualize with a "simplified chart" for each and every name in the column [D1] when they have been on site.
    An example chart is inside the attached excel-file.

    (I cant to VBA sufficiently! This is just me thinking out loud!)
    For this to work I thought I could evaluate in the lines of;
    For [Who]
    is [Chart date] AND [Chart_time] in between [IN_x] and [OUT_x]
    then Current cell = "x"
    Else Do Nothing
    End if

    My attachment displays fake data and pre-filled out "simplified chart".
    Any help, using VBA or functions would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards

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