Grouping data based on multiple sheets

  • Hi Guys!

    I have a problem which I hope one of you can solve! I think it will be a tough one.
    I have an Excel with multiple tabs of users in subscriptions. Each tab contains different information about the users (account permissions, normal permissions and settings).
    I need to group the users within each subscription if they have access to the same accounts, same settings and same permissions (so they are identical).

    I made an example file with the preferred output of the Macro. Here you see that the first 2 users have the same accounts etc. so they go in group1. The third user has different permissions and accounts but is in the same subscription as user1 and 2 so he goes in group 2. The third user is also in another subscription so he goes in group 1 of that subscription.
    My idea was that the macro should concetonate all the data from the 3 sheets and compares it to the other users. But since the user can have multiple rows in the account tab I don't know how to do this.

    Thank you guys so much in advance if you can get this to work!

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