Extracting values of from range of cells to another worksheet

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    Find the attached for sample of what I try to do. The sheet 1 contains results of all students and sheet will display all information about courses of each students. At the click of the SEARCH button in Cell J11 in sheet 2, the Name (C8) and Matric No (C9) and results of the student with the Header( S/N, Course Code, Course Title, Course Unit, Score, Grade and Point) in A12 to G12 should be automatically extracted from sheet 1 based on the number of courses the student registered for. Also The Previous, Present and Cummulative grades should be extracted to the spaces provided. Students with Course still outstanding columns should be listed infront of A 25 in sheet 2. NOTE: Instead of manually writing the course code, course title,course unit, score, Grade and point, it should be extracted automatically and courses not registered by students should not be added.
    - In Sheet 1, Row 8, from D8 to T8, it represents the Course Unit
    - In Sheet 1, Row 7, from D8 to T8 , it represents course code
    - In sheet 1, for each student e.g Row 10, D10 to T10 contains the Grades
    - In sheet 1, Row 11, D11 to T11, contains the score
    - In sheet 1, Row 12, D12 to T12, contains the Points.

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    more details needed. I think there are to many mistakes in the structure... or probably I don't understand.

    1. In sheet1 I can see 17 codes for courses but in sheet2 you listed only 11. Where should they go then???
    2. If code row in sheet2 is left empty (no data in sheet1) then this row thould be removed? Cleared?
    3. CSO - do not know what you mean "should be listed infront of A 25 in sheet 2. Also this AD columns include many formats, wrong codes, separated with comma or space, sometime merged cells
    4. And what about the output... You mean each student each sheet or copy the template below...

    Please, insert ready complete Template for three student with desired result.



  • Thanks for your effort to contribute. Apology for late response , it was due to the upgrade of the site. The questions are answered as follows: 1) There are many course. Course D8 - k8 are required to be done in the Second semester in the second year while course L8 - T8 ought to have been written in their second semester First Year. Some students that failed the courses while in that year must write it again in the second year before they graduate, that is why thoses courses are added with the regular courses (which means not all students will write courses L8 - T8- students needs to write the ones he failed)

    2) In sheet 2, the label- Name, Matric Number, Programme, Session, only Programme and Session will have static values. The matric number will be supplied manually into the space provided infront of it labe and while name of the student and the courses with their course codes, course titles, course units, scores , grades, previous GPA, current GPA, Cummulative GPA, and Course Still Outstanding (CSO, if any) will be filled automatically into the strucure presentend in sheet 4 of the newly attached files.

    3) CSO means Course Still Outsanding. The courses that the students failed( AB, F) that he must write again. The student (SINAOLA TINUOLA) in the attached is an example of it. The template will look like that

    4)The result for each student will be generated as the matric number is supplied into C9 and J11 is clicked.

    Find the attched for explanation.
    Note: SMITH AYOBBAMI passed all required course from inception, so he didn't have cause to write additional courses like SINUOLA INUOLA in the students results attached.


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