Sending an email

  • How would I send an email by pressing a button that would send an excel spreadsheet by microsoft outlook and how would I set the function up?

    Please help me

  • Here you go.

  • Try looking up SendMail in the help files.

  • Do you know anything about creating a dynamic array of sheets (in VBA) based on name?

    I am trying to use a for statement and it will not create an array

    :thanx: Tony

  • Re: Sending an email

    Quote from ascalese

    I tried using the above and I still got the object model guard prompt from outlook. Any ideas?

    Same with me.
    I am having the same problem. I did a search and it came up with this thread.

    I just tried the code and it's not working for me either,

    fifijazz, do you have any more suggestions?
    or does anybody here any any ideas.
    perhaps...something is missing from the code...?

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