using Words numbering in Excel

  • Hi Guys, I have to design either an Excel spreadsheet or a Word table which is basically a coversheet for a lot of other reports. I use hyperlinks to access other indivual documents from this sheet, so that I dont have to tell individual users exactly were the document they are responsible for is located, all I have to do is give them one sheet and say follow the link.

    Currently I use an excel spreadsheet as I utilise the filter functions and some other useful stuff in excel, however, I would like to make use of an auto number like word does.

    Originally this coversheet was a word doc, so the original author used a numbering system to identify the various levels of tasks, such as 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, ect.

    This works very well for my organisiation as people can identify who the top level responsiblity is and who has individual responsiblity for lower level tasks.

    Does anyone know how to replicate this in excel?

  • Will all the numbers be in the same column?

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  • yes, they will be in column A.

    I'm working on a solution at the moment that requires two documents to be produced at the same time, one word one excel and using a VBA form to propogate both and use the features of each.

    Anything easier than this will be much apreciated.

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