Excel into Access

  • I have recently created a number of spreadsheets that are linked together, and all of these are interlinked with one another. What I would like to achieve would be to convert my MS Excel spreadsheets into a form that would have the same result in MS Access.

    Is there a painless way of creating the same information; tables and links from Excel into Access if so how would this be done.



  • Copy the used range of your worksheets then paste them into Access. You'll have to create the Joins manually, though. If you get Import Errors when you paste, most likely you have numerical entries in an alpha field or vice versa. If you have a field that contains text that some times looks like a number, make sure that the very first record contains an entry that is clearly text, e.g., use the record containing "12345AB" as the first record, not the record containing "23456".


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