I miss Lotus 123

  • Well not really ;)

    I should have said "ONE THING I MISS ABOUT Lotus 123".

    In Lotus 123 in Workbook Properties under the Statistics TAB they showed you what the Total Edit Time was and also the Total Revisions.

    Does anyone know if this can be extracted for an Excel Workbook ??



  • Hi,

    Looks of dubious benefit to me anyway - why is the last edited time and date BEFORE the date it was created?


    Slightly more helpfully - have you looked at 'BuiltinDocumentProperties Property' in the VBE Help files?

  • in the Workbook Properties on the Statistics tab is a heading -Total editing Time. Not sure how to switch it on though because it is blank on the Workbook I just checked

  • Hi Richie,

    The created date after edit date is because it was created from a template that was lasted edited in 97.

    The benefit is that I can show my boss exactly how much of my own time i've spent creating a free package for them to use. It helps with time justification and resource allocation. Also handy to show a client when you bill them !

    Hi Roy,

    Yes I've been there and seen it as well, darn frustrating that they only did half the job.





  • AJ,

    My first comment in the post above was not a serious one - unfortunately the smiley dropped to the next line so you may have missed it. (That'll teach me to preview my post next time! ;) ).

    To make matters worse, I've looked into the use of 'BuiltinDocumentProperties' through VBA and it appears that certain properties aren't supported across the whole Office range. In particular Excel does not maintain the 'Total Editing Time' property. Nor the 'Last Save Time' property. :(

  • Well you could use an extra sheet for such information.

    Basically set up an auto open macro that inserts a sheet called (i don't know ummm work statistics.)

    make that macro record time of open. Have a secondary macro that runs on save which saves save time.

    Put the answers in columns and perform simple math.

    also have the macro do this multiple times finding the last entry and writing just below it.

    Now you will have a project timelist for everything you do.

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