multiple line of text in one row of merged cells

  • how do i allow multiple lines of text in one row of merged cell? the reason why i did not merge two rows or more of cells is because i would like to allow freedom of number of rows of text. :no:

    pls tell me if u think its not possible, thx

  • If i have guessed it right you need something like this.

    1. You have certain cells that are merged through rows
    2. In this merged region, you want user to insert multiple rows.

    There are two different solutions:
    1. Go to Cell Format and In Alignment, click on wrap text, which will allow the user to enter free flowing text.
    2. When you are entering a line and you want to start on next line in same cell (merged cells for that matter), press Alt+enter, which acts as a line-feed.
    When you do this, the alignment automatically gets wrap text property as true. :D


    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • actually i have tried wrap text but i tink it doesn't work with merged cells. the second line just doesn't appear, with enter or alt enter. :P

  • I can understand your frustration, but it really workes for me and never faced any problem with this.

    I have attached a sheet which has all the instruchtions, in the merged range.

    This serves two purposes, gives you the steps and shows you how it worked for me :)


    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • Humm...

    Format -> Row -> Auto Fit.

    This will do the trick for you...

    (What is happening is that, your cell is taking the line-by-line input, but the width is not sufficient. Increase it or autofit it and it will work :thumbup:

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • honestly, i click auto fit for column, row, and also wrap text in all combinations or by themself only.. it doens't show... seems like the only way is to inc the row height or merge two rolls of cells? both are not what i seek for.

  • Re: multiple line of text in one row of merged cells

    Although this is a very old thread (more than 10+ years), I wanna thank you for this answer.

    The information was very precise... I was looking as to how to accomplish what ALT+ENTER does, since I had already done the 3 rows and 5 columns merge, and I was missing how to write more than one line of text.

    Thanks again.

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