save only printed page but not hidden data

  • I m currently trying to simplify the typing of reports by saving most data on the sheet itself (data validation) but the individuals reports will be saved. If all the datas that i hid in the sheet are saved, it will be a waste of space, how do i save only the printed report? :puzzled:

    pls tell me also if u think its not possible, thx

  • Highly confusing:puzzled:

    If you save a wrokbook, everything will be saved. no option to save partial data.

    However, as you have not given the sample of your data, cannot assist more here.

    But it is possible to copy certain data only to another file and save, if that is want then post with example and i am sure you will get some help :) :thumbup:

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • that is not wat i intended, what i had done in excel is actually a sample report format. people will use it to fill in their own data and print their individual reports. as this will be done many times a day by many diff. people, hence its unprodcutive to make them copy and save as another document. Preferably it can be done at a click of a button, seems like it's not possible. :tongue:

  • Now I get your problem,

    Its very much possible....

    If you attach a sample of your stuff, or even a dummy one, i can fix it for you.

    I currently have some such applications working for me in my office, but cannot give a generic code without understanding the requirement.

    Plese post back..... and if it is not possible to share your work with us, then post accordingly, i will share mine with you.

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • Hi,


    pls tell me also if u think its not possible, thx

    Two possibilites comes to my mind.

    A VBA-routine that
    - save the report-sheet into a new workbook with unique names
    -and convert all formulas to constant values and delete all hidden rows & columns

    Create a image-file (GIF/JPEG) for every report that is created.

  • this is my sample report (that i had done in a hurry) i had attached.. the actual report will include more data and more sheets than this, and hopefully the save process will be a simple one..

    and if possible, save printed sheets instead of all of the sheets. for example, my report format may contain sheet 2 sheet 3, etc. but all of them will be page 2 of the report but of diff format. so the user can choose which format is required of them. so in the end they may only print sheet1 as page one, sheet 3 as page 2. hence the rest of the sheets are useless to their reports and may contain data not pertaining to their report. so it a waste of space.. get wat i'm trying to say? :P

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