Hiding Columns for printing

  • I have a spreadsheet with columns A through R. I attempted to hide columns B through P for printing purposes by clicking on Windows, highlighting columns B through P and clicking on Hide. It resulted in hiding the entire spreadsheet! How do I get to print only columns A, Q and R on one sheet? Thanks.

  • Highlight columns B through P and then go to Format, Click Column, Click Width, input a 0, "zero", in the box and click ok. Columns A, Q and R will print on one sheet.

    If this is not what you are looking for you can also group columns B through P and close that group.


  • Highlight your columns B to P by putting your cursor on columnB header and dragging to column P. Your selected columns will be highlighted . Now from the Format menu select Columns>Hide. Your columns will be hidden and you will be able to print the remainder.
    To unhide, simply select Columns>Unhide

  • Hi chickenflicker,

    Welcome to the borad.

    Just for clarification, Window -> Hide is used to hide the entire worksheet.

    If you want to hide a particular column(s)
    then Click on the Column header(s), then
    Format -> Column -> Hide
    (OR Just select the columns, press right mouse key and select hide)


    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • Hi chickenflicker

    As an added help to the abov suggestions. Once you have hidden your columns, go to Data>Custom Views and save the view as any name. Then unhide and save that view as another name. Next time you need to print, just go to Data>Custom Views and nominate the view.

  • I appreciate all the replies that I received. However, when I followed the instructions and the columns merged, a yellow line appeared after column A. When I printed the form it printed on two sheets. Column A was on one sheet and the columns to the right of the line was on a second sheet. What did I do wrong? Is this left over from something that I tried to do before I contacted this site?

  • Your Print width for Columns A, Q, and R could be wider than the printable area of your page.

    To save some trees, as well as frustration, it is a good idea to do Print_Preview before printing -- this way you will know how your printout will look like. You can also do Page_Break_Preview by accessing this via the VIEW menu -- this will allow you to change column widths, insert/delete Page_Breaks and so forth.

    So, you see there are a number of helpful features built into Excel -- I am sure as you make use of these you will have an enjoyable experience working with Excel.

    Yogi Anand

  • I have done Page-Break and tried to move the solid line to the right, but it does not move. The cursor does not change when I point it on the line. Can someone help me? Thanks.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by chickenflicker
    However, when I followed the instructions and the columns merged, a yellow line appeared after column A.

    Did you merge or hide the columns?

  • I hid the columns. When I said that the columns merged, I meant that the columns came together, with a solid line at the point where they came together. When I used the page-break to try to move the line to the right, nothing happened.

  • can you post your spreadhseet in your next reply, someone will fix it for you - it sounds like something (or a lot) is getting lost in translation

    ending up with 3 columns for printing is a pretty easy task

    post it up and someone will do it for you

  • Quote

    Originally posted by chickenflicker
    When I used the page-break to try to move the line to the right, nothing happened.

    Which line did you try to move? The blue dotted line or the solid line? You have to move the blue dotted line.

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    underneath the box, you have :

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    obviously, just post an example, maybe just the relevant sheet, not the whole 7 megabyte workbook :)

  • Hi ChickenFlicker

    Can you attach your spreadsheet and I will be glad to look at it to see what is causing the sheet to print on more than 1 sheet. I don't understand why this is happening.


  • I had a look at your file & can't see the problem. i did this:

    1) highlight col B by clicking on the column letter at the top.
    2) press & hold down the shift key
    3) scroll along to column ae & highlight it. (you should now have cols b thro' ae highlighted).
    4) with the cursor over the selected area, right click, select hide.

    ...am I missing something?

  • Hi

    I have downloaded your Workbook and cannot get your error.

    I placed my cursor in the Head of column AE and dragged across to C. Then Format >Columns>Hide. No problem

    I have re-attached your workbook with a couple of buttons to hide and unhide your columns. Xee if you still get the same problem using these.

  • I want to thank all of you for your efforts. The only one that worked for me was one that I received from "Paddyd". Somehow, using the Format procedure kept giving me the solid line after column A, while using the right click after the highlighting of the columns I wanted to hide did the trick. Once again, thanks very much for all your efforts.

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